Top Picks

Here are the top social media sites I visit. Enjoy!

Anne Marie Hospod: Dr. Hospod delivers blogs about health and wellness, offers social media challenges and relevant information on how to live better.

Canadian D-gal: Scully is a cyclist who tells it like it is. The Hamilton, Ontario resident is brutally honest about her d-journey. She confesses in her profile that she sometimes shares TMI and swears a lot. Haha. She’s been very helpful in providing me great tips as a fellow t1d athlete.

Krysten Siba Bishop’s blog The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail: Krysten is a Toronto runner, triathlete and overall fitness superhero. She blogs honestly about how she deals with her rare arrhythmia and BRCA journey. Under her “about me” section she writes, “I will make genetics, heart disease, and breast cancer my BITCH one RUN at a time!”

Probably Rachel: Rachel and I have a lot in common including blogging, a love for social media, type 1 diabetes and fashion/DIY. Rachel has been one of those fellow bloggers I’ve shared deep conversations via blog comments and maybe she doesn’t know it but she’s been a positive part of my d-journey.

Sugar Free Shawn: Shawn Shepheard offers his own online show and is about to release a book called Life Is Sweet.


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