My first virtual race and it includes a tutu medal!

I’m putting on my tutu and doing my first virtual race!

Full Medal Runs hosts virtual races in support of charity and I’m lacing up for a great organization called Girls On The Run.

It’s the same charity that Monika Allen supports through her tutu business called Glam Runner. The brain cancer patient was thrust in the spotlight after being mocked for wearing a tutu during a race in Self Magazine. She was going through chemo treatment at the time and dressed up to motivate herself.

Monika’s photo was published under a section called the “BS Meter”. The popular magazine received a flurry of public backlash. Self has since apologized.

Read the original post on t1dactiveliving here


Photo from Full Medal Runs website


The virtual run has a great name: Don’t Mess With My Tutu! You can sign up for varying distances and complete it when it’s convenient. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can take part!

There are official bibs, medals (of different colours! I chose pink) and different race distances.

I’ll be doing a half marathon.

I love how Monika Allen has used the incident to further help a charity close to her heart. Now, so many people around the world have donated to Girls On The Run and others have joined in to support like Full Medal Runs.

She’s turned something negative into a big positive, all the while staying respectful and classy. What a great example!

So the question now is…you in?

Let me know if you are participating and I’ll include your photos and experiences in my follow-up post.

Rocking the tutu,



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