WIAW: What I ate Wednesdays, a walk for sushi

photo 1-3 Ahhh sushi. So good. So hard to calculate.

Best of intentions

1. Changing sushi restaurant to one that offers brown rice.

2. Ditching the car and walking to the resto.

Despite best intentions

photoDuring my mid-way walk check I ended up low. A few Dex 4’s and a Lara mini bar later and things leveled out.

After the extra long stroll, it was time to eat!

Two really hungry friends = quickly ordering three plates of sushi (way too much) and completely forgetting to change our rice to brown.

Pre-meal (6.8 mmol/L or 122 mg/dl) and post meal (6.9 mmol/L or 124 mg/dl).

My estimations at sushi meals have been pretty accurate lately, despite the tricky carb count. Fingers crossed the streak continues!

Although the walk was long and with a low, it was still great. Got to listen to my podcasts and catch up with a few friends on my phone (all things I could have done on the couch). Best of all, I got in light cardio and more movement.

Things may not have worked out exactly how I wanted it but my good intentions were there and I made the effort.


My first WIAW post: pre-workout smoothie


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