Grief-stricken, heartbroken and lifted. The Animas type 1 update event.

I am going to make a plea to you now.

If you are reading this: feeling alone, overwhelmed, depressed and often angry about living with diabetes, I beg of you…

Find help.

Please find help in creating that circle of positive support, those to stand beside you through this journey.


Event: Type 1 Update, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario. April 11, 2015

During Michelle Sorensen’s talk at the Type 1 Update, she shared a short video that verbalized exactly what I wanted from my own dream team. This video confirmed to me why I have chosen the people I have at this stage in my life, and why others are no longer here.

It was powerful and here it is.

What did you think of the video? Were you at the event?

For me, this video made me tear up. I saw clearly why some of the people that used to be in my life are now gone. They weren’t bad. They weren’t unaccepting. They just couldn’t provide for me what I needed and you know what? Maybe the people that are now out of my life are grieving the loss of the previous me, the person I was before diagnosis (of diabetes, my neuro disorder, the list goes on). And that’s okay.

There’s no blame to be had.



Now as I sit here writing this, I am so incredibly grateful for being able to listen to Michelle speak at the podium and say so many things that I just needed to hear outside of my own head.

Over the next while I will be blogging more on the Type 1 Update event, focusing in on different topics each time.

If you would like more info now, here is a roundup of all the tweets that day.

Lots of love,


The Type 1 Update is an Animas event. Animas Canada has kindly chosen to support me with the Dexcom CGM as I continue to train for triathlons, cycling and running events. I believe in full transparency and appreciate that Animas Canada does not review or approve my blog posts. Please read the full disclosure here


Type 1 update at Mount Sinai is back + it’s my 3rd time at the SAME d-event?! #t1update15

I love the internet and all, but let’s meet IRL (in real life)!



I’ll be at the Animas Type 1 update at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto on Saturday April 11th.

As you can see in the above photo, the hash tag has been set (#t1update15), so get your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram game on.  Get ready for information and more importantly, inspiration.

This year will be my 3rd time attending the SAME event. You can read my blog on last year’s event here.

Plus, here’s my 2014 Type 1 update profile highlight. Guest speaker Terrence Teixeira: Canadian triathlete, adventure-seeker and all round type 1 super star. Read it here

It still shocks me how quickly time flies, and how much changes as the years go on.

I’m excited to see familiar faces but equally thrilled to hopefully meet new friends as well. If you see me (I’ll be the one snapping lots of photos), don’t hesitate to come say hello!

Details below. Don’t forget to RSVP by e-mailing rdales@its.jnj.com or call 905-464-4939.

Type 1 update poster


Animas Canada has kindly chosen to support me with the Dexcom CGM as I continue to train and advocate for active living with type 1 diabetes . I believe in full transparency and appreciate that Animas Canada does not review or approve my blog posts. They want me to share my honest experience with the device. All opinions and posts are purely my own. There is a permanent link on my page on this sponsorship which you can read here


Yee haw! Connected in Motion goes country with Humber College


I’m definitely not country, but yesterday I was line dancing.



It was called Country in Motion, a fundraiser for Connected in Motion (get it? Clever.) Organized by Humber’s post-graduate event management program students. Must say everyone I encountered at the various games and silent auction were really enthusiastic.


I ring-tossed, took photos with my fellow t1 ladies in the photo-booth, bid for yoga gear at the silent auction…

…and watched as people tried to tackle the mechanical bull…like this cowgirl. Eeeek.


The BEST part was getting to spend time with two t1 athletes- spin instructor Stephanie and Ironman-in-training Anne Marie. It’s always so fun to be around other people who ‘just get it’. We laughed, yelled loudly to each other over the country music and planned our future bike rides together.

Last year Steph both did the MS two-day bike ride and didn’t even know it! Better planning will happen this year for a meet up :D


IMG_0393The highlight of my night was listening to Steph speak to the audience about her experience being an active type 1.

Totally inspiring and as she said, when we all get together, “Everyone has something different to bring to the table”.



So I was a little out of my element in a saloon, but totally at home with my t1 fitness girls.





Are you drowning or riding the wave? I need a type positive prospective

I’m a water baby. This was proof positive when I went to the aquarium and was so thrilled my face hurt after from smiling so much.

Tested my bg’s, whipped out Lumiere (what I’ve named my Dexcom-from Beauty and the Beast! Be…our…guest…), snapped a photo and then I got thinking.

In July it will be 3 years since my diagnosis. When I look back, it kind of scares me how deeply depressed I was.

I was drowning.

Things now are by no means perfect, but they are A LOT better.

On days when things aren’t going my way, I now know that I can ride the wave instead of feeling like I’m slowly hitting the bottom.

No matter what hits you this week, just remember to ride it out and keep swimming.




The value of time- starting training season 



Season has just begun. Low symptoms are morphing hard. 

Nowadays a low consists of pounding headaches, running to the ladies and bad next day hangovers. 

It’s making the start of this training difficult.

It’s crappy. I’ve cried…hard. But one thing is for certain, t1d has taught me the value of time. When I’m feeling good and bg’s are rocking, I try to remind myself to enjoy every minute of it.

Live up your weekend.







Free Celiac disease testing in Ontario for people with type 1 diabetes





Live in Ontario? Live with type 1 diabetes? There’s FREE Celiac disease testing right now. 

A list of participating locations below.

The Hospital for Sick Children
Mount Sinai Hospital
Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre
Credit Valley Hospital, Trillium Health Network
Mississauga Hospital, Trillium Health Network
St. Michael’s Hospital
Markham Stouffville Hospital
Mount Sinai Hospital
Women’s College Hospital
Sunnybrook Hospital
The Scarborough Hospital
North York General Hospital

Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre
St. Joseph’s Health Care London

Kingston General Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital

Windsor Regional Hospital

McMaster University Health Sciences Centre

Call (416) 813-7654 ext. 201713 or email cd.diet@sickkids.ca to find out the closest testing facility.

They also started up a Facebook page. Check it out here.

Official website here.