The Type 1 Update at Mount Sinai on World Diabetes Day

How did you spend World Diabetes Day?

I know some of you in Toronto area had your butts glued to the theatre seats at Mount Sinai Hospital, listening to Sebastien Sasseville.

ICYMI: Sebastien ran ACROSS CANADA. He crossed his personal finish line in Vancouver on World Diabetes Day a year ago. Has it really been that long?

He was one of the highlights at this year’s Animas Type 1 Update.

I wasn’t there (announcement-I’m moving! Second obvious announcement- I am up to my eyeballs in things to-do to make this move as smooth as possible).

Luckily, I was able to grab some snapshots of what happened via Twitter and Facebook. This event is one of my favourites and I have been to it EVERY TIME since I’ve been diagnosed. I was bummed I couldn’t attend this year, but happy that I could have a look into the speeches via social media.

Here’s a graphic I made from Seb’s speech. Thank you Sandy for the awesome tweets!

Sebastien Sasseville Quote 2


Here are some of the tweets!


This one from Animas gal Sandy Struss.


Lorraine is an RDE, CDE. Every time I hear Lorraine speak, I learn something a bit mind-boggling about diabetes. Here’s what I learned earlier last year at the same event:


Temperature?! Cooking method? I knew diabetes was complex but had no idea these things effect your bg’s.


Another totally “What the what” situation for me? The CGM which I have named Lumiere (because he lights up at night, my life and satisfies my Beauty and the Beast love awwwww), has been a real eye-opener for me.

There were some foods I thought were working with my body smoothly and others I thought I needed to stay away from. Lumiere let me look into what was happening in between the two hours pre and post meal.


Now back to #T1Update15. The 3 S’s. L-R: Animas Tough Mudder champion Sandy, Sebastien and Master of Ceremonies Shawn Shepheard. Captain Steven C. Steele was on board too to talk about his piloting career.


Lastly, a confession.

It’s been very very difficult to keep up my diabetes blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I do my best, but I have started my own business now which eats up a lot of my time.

I’ve really been consumed with guilt over this, but today I declare after World Diabetes Day that I shouldn’t need to feel so badly.

I am living out my dreams as an entrepreneur and not letting diabetes stop me in any way. Not letting my seizures take away my push for gold. Refusing to let my hearing impairment stop me from enjoying social events.

It may not be displayed on social media but this, I realized, is the best example I can be to others living with type 1 diabetes.

I’m doing what I want, making dreams a reality, being focused on positive friends and family. This month and further on I refuse to put myself down because I am doing everything I ever wanted-with a little insulin on the side.

If you ever need a reminder of how to live well with diabetes, get out there and attend events like this one. Be informed. Be empowered. Most of all, appreciate the time we have on this earth.

Given recent world events I think it’s safe to say we are all being reminded that life is oh-so precious and we need to enjoy all the life that we have.




Let the month of diabetes awareness begin!

If ever there is a time to get out there and connect with fellow t1d’s, it’s this month. There are loads of events happening in Toronto (and across Canada of course) and I wanted to share with you some of them so you can book those days off and meet up with your friends who just ‘get it’.

The earliest event is coming up on Wednesday:

I’ve interviewed both Michelle and Sebastian and trust that this talk will leave you feeling so much better about your diabetes management.

Call Calgary home? Why not mix and mingle with Connected in Motion?

Their next event is on Nov. 4th. Click here for more details! 

Sports your thang? Check out this event. Toronto Argos dress in blue too. #twinsies

And on World Diabetes Day, Nov. 14th, the annual Type 1 Update hosted by Animas will take place once again!

I go to this event every year (I went in the spring) and I think this may be the first one I miss which makes me really sad. I’ll be sure to cover the event in whatever way I can though. This 1/2 day has always lifted my spirits and made me feel more confident. I hope you can attend this one! Don’t forget to RSVP to Robin.

There’s so many more events but here are the highlights. Feel free to comment and share any other events that you know of this going on this month.

And one more thing! What’s an awareness month without some profile pic changes? Check out this awesome campaign #T1DLooksLikeMe and get yours here.




Amazing Instagram account alert: Mindful Diabetic Robby

Robby Barbaro. Follow this guy on Instagram. His pictures are stunning and he’s a type 1!

With permission from Robby Barbaro.

With permission from Robby Barbaro.

I don’t know why I never stumbled onto his posts before (or maybe I did and was scrolling too quickly) but I LOVE the photography of all these natural goodies packed with vitamins and nutrients.


With permission from Robby Barbaro.

With permission from Robby Barbaro

With permission from Robby Barbaro


Have you seen this account? What do you think? He says he lives a fruit-based lifestyle. I haven’t heard of that before (in terms of diets and diabetes).

If you’re looking for some fruitspiration and beautiful pics showcasing healthy foods, his account is the place to be.




Pure power. Diabetes Sports Project


Screenshot from website.

What on earth is the Diabetes Sports Project? Well it’s new, empowering and ready for your participation.

I love seeing amazing movements like this one.


From their website:


DSP is comprised of the world’s elite diabetic athlete ambassadors who inspire and educate the diabetes community to achieve their goals and aspirations. These ambassadors demonstrate how through proper diet, exercise, a positive outlook and effective blood glucose management dreams can be achieved.


We are dedicated to empowering the nearly 26 million affected by type 1 and type 2 diabetes in the United State. Through inspirational and educational community engagement along with competition in the biggest sporting events in the world, DSP will inspire and educate millions of people affected by diabetes.


The DSP ambassadors are directly engaged in community events within the diabetes and healthcare industry  around the world. Events such as diabetes camps, industry conferences and trade show events, JDRF & ADA events, hospital visits, patient support groups, medical professional events and much more. Through this community engagement, DSP positively impacts those affected by diabetes.

Check out their website here: Diabetes Sports Project

Lava Magazine: Diabetes Sport Project to Launch in Hawaii Ironman

Hope you all had a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!



JDRF Ride for Diabetes Research: How Far Would You Go?

These fundraising events are a great excuse to get off early, push back the paperwork and all the while make your company look good. After all, fundraisers are fundraisers right?

Well no. Actually that’s complete bull. Maybe you don’t know much about type 1 diabetes or maybe you do. If you chose to participate in this year’s JDRF Ride for Diabetes Research in Canada I’m going to have to tell you that what you did in one afternoon created great potential.

It gives people like me hope. I see people who often don’t have any affiliation with the cause, listen with the ears open and understand and hear first hand what it’s like to live with this disease day in and out. You sweated and pedalled with hundreds of others. And in that process of moving each pedal forward, it has brought hope to so many like me.

After so many years, my doctor confirmed to me recently that I do, indeed have Type 1 diabetes (not any other kind, there are many!). And when I saw all the action that took place at the Metro Convention Centre, I got damn emotional.

It just goes to show that people have good in them. They want to help. Physical activity breeds power and positivity. Thank you to all who participated.

Recently I have been feeling so defeated. So tired. So mentally at the end of my rope. Being able to witness events like these gives me that push to keep going. To not give up. To remember that there are people out there who are willing to give their time (their most precious commodity) to help people they don’t even know.

It means so much to me that you rode your heart out.



What’s for Dinner? Cooking class and a grocery store tour!


Mmmmm foooooood. There are so many healthy options out there that can help your bg’s without sacrificing your tastebuds.

Here’s the latest event in you’re int he Greater Toronto Area:

Where: Loblaws Superstore, Bullock Drive, Markham (in conjunction with the MSH Adult Diabetes Clinic)

Time: 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Supermarket tour after with dietitian

Learn a quick easy meal for dinner!! (spaces limited)

(Must register with Adult Diabetes Education Clinic.

$10 fee (not refunded if not attended)

Receive a Loblaws $10 gift card when attended.

For more info call 905-472-7527 ext. 1


On the Outside

Cool new thang: when I got my bloodwork done, the lady filling up those tubes said that I could read my results online in less than 2 days. Brand new service offered by the lab.

Pretty cool.

And as I logged in and refreshed obsessively half a day later, I found zero satisfaction in what I saw when the results finally popped up.

My A1C was the same as before. And yet, I felt so blah about the whole thing. I was tired. I am tired. And is this my first diabetes burnout? I don’t even know what qualifies anymore. My mind is foggy.

Lately everything has been exhausting. I write in my journal with no filter, then read a few days later in horror at what I have put down on paper. I am so incredibly mean to myself. It’s abuse really. I am so highly critical I don’t even want to share with you one sentence. It’s disgusting really.

I am anxious and heartbroken and exhausted and just feel done. This is supposed to be my rest time. There’s no races, no scheduled training. Work is ramping up but not too much. And yet, I am covered in sadness and find it hard to drag myself out of bed or even make breakfast.

I’ve forgotten to have fun, to laugh and as each day passes, that little bit of hopelessness and uncertainty in myself creeps into my brain. Throughout my life I have dealt with anxiety and depression-but this time it seems like it’s wave after wave. The water seems too high and I don’t have the energy to fight.

When I get a low I just stare at it. When it’s time to treat I become extremely irritable (I wasn’t like this before). When my seizures come on I weep so badly my eyes are swollen the next day.

I’ve been wearing my CGM on and off. I know the information is valuable, but I also look down at the screen and can feel defeated. There’s tiny scars on my belly from the instances where I’ve scratched so hard and ripped it off. Two seconds later I regret the move.


Keeping up this blog as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is just weighing me down. I don’t want to talk about diabetes right now. Can I have a break!?

Is anyone else out there feeling like this? HAVE you felt like this?

This isn’t meant to be a poor me entry. It’s real purpose is to show that despite the overall tone of my site (you can do it! let’s exercise and be happy), I do feel this way sometimes too. Right now, I feel pretty bad.